In the immediate post – WWII period, Clemente Guasti funded a cellar to begin produce and sell the most high quality wines from the core of Asti Provence, which is placed in Nizza Monferrato, one of the most important wine places on the Piedemont region. As a Great wine maker and innovator, his achievements already started on the first year of activity, reporting the origin of the grapes on the label of the wine bottle’s, this innovation had an important legacy on the intuition aimed at the world of Barbera, practically he began a precise indication linked to the concept of “cru”, referring to the importance and selections of owned vineyards. so thus was born the “Barbere di Cascina” which are still the pride of the House, bearing the name of Barbera d’Asti Superiorer DOCG “Cascina Boschetto Vecchio”.

Clemente Guasti at the age of 18 (1935)


Clemente, as innovator was always closely and carefully following the evolution of the new productions technologies and methods, so, near to the 1950, he was the first one in the region to adopt the Martinotti – Charmat method to produce sparkling wines, where the achievements had been recorded and evidenced in an unusual film made by the RAI ( Italian Radio Television) in 1958 titled “Lo Spumante Italiano” ( Italian sparkling wine ).

In the following years, Guasti Clemente & Figli (s.r.l) has been constantly growing its high quality wines reputation allowing us for decades to have an excellent participation in national and international markets.



After Clemente Guasti (the founder) pass away, his sons Andrea and Alessandro who worked alongside him for many years, bowing and learning from the Great winemaker Master’s, who continues managing the business in their historic Cellar placed in Via IV November at Nizza Monferrato, by never compromising the quality.

The most recent history referring to the new millennium has seen the convinced adhesion to the project “ Nizza ” to identifying a special reserve from Barbera vine’s, growing in a very specific viticultural area and particularly suited.
Since 2014 an important wine Barbera’s production bears as the “Nizza“, which under of the Italian wine classification institution ” Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG)” was officially born in that year, making “ Nizza “ an important and exclusive place for high standard vineyards, accordingly the number of producers belonging to the Association has steadily increased, also following the great success of this wine encountered on the market in Italy and abroad.


The family winemaking traditions go way back to the pioneer Secondo Guasti, who emigrate to California in 1881 carrying with him cuttings of Barbera vine, within a decade using cutting of those vines to achieved having planted the world’s largest vineyard at that time. The result of his hard work is still visible today in the town he funded, which still bears his surname.